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A little about what we do.

Identity Identity

Who are you? We’ll help you tell the world in a way that makes you proud. Your identity is the first and last impression of you. Identity is so much more than a great logo. It is also stationery, business cards—all the ways that you introduce your company. Look over our portfolio. You’ll see: we do great identity.

Collateral Collateral

From catalogs to brochures, direct mail to truck wraps, your branded identity and current message will come through with cohesive integration across all your communication. We consider this to be one of Temblor Creative’s core, defining strengths.

Web Web

Your website is where you tell your story. We make sure it’s told engagingly and authentically, and that whatever you are offering, visitors to your site know what they are getting there, and why they are there. We design with one eye on trends and the other on future needs. 

Social Media Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google this, Google that… the list goes on. Do you really need to bother with social media? Absolutely. You may not use it, but your customers do. We’ll help determine which platforms are important for your brand, then lay out a content strategy that integrates with the rest of your creative.

Media: Print Ads & Broadcast Media: Print Ads & Broadcast

Print ads, TV and radio spots, online ads, are some of the ways your message reaches your audience. We buy media at the best rates and then we craft great creative that tells your audience what is distinctive about your company.

Online Marketing Online Marketing

  We have proven expertise in online marketing, targeting markets, tracking results and optimizing your return on investment. As in a perfect cocktail, it takes not just one ingredient, but a blend of several—in just the right balance—to maximize your results.

What We Like

Google’s Done Something Friendly. Or maybe not?

Google’s Done Something Friendly. Or maybe not?

Posted in What We Like!

Google unveiled a new logo yesterday, with much fanfare and no serifs. Reviews seem to be mainly positive, with many commenting on the friendly, open, childlike sensibility of the new design. Some of use here are feeling friendly towards it, too, though others have said, disparagingly,  “It looks like something from Toys R Us!”  We […]

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

Posted in Workplace

We moved into our new offices in May in the Vermont barn we rebuilt over the past year. It’s still getting finished so we haven’t put out a lot of photos of it yet. When we do, you’ll see what a cool creative space we’ve made!  Until then, here are photos of our initial sign […]

TV Spots We Love

TV Spots We Love

Posted in What We Like!

The work we do for The Bank of Bennington is very rewarding. This is a client that challenges us and works with us with respect and enthusiasm. It has resulted in a series of TV spots that are not only charming and entertaining, but far and away distinct from normal bank tv commercials. Their message is […]

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