6 Lines of (Perfect) Copy that Sold a Skeptic

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6 Lines of (Perfect) Copy that Sold a Skeptic

was not going to pay $7 for a dish rag. I am far too savvy to overspend on a household necessity or to succumb to some wily copywriting. I merely stopped for a minute to admire the pretty blue and white striped cloth in the Northshire Bookstore. All I did was read the first sentence on the hang tag.

1. “This marvelously absorbant (sic) dish cloth from Sweden is a wonder in the kitchen.”

Yes, this is describing a lowly dish cloth. And yes there was a typo in it (or maybe they spell absorbent with an “a” in Sweden?). But from the minute I read that far, I was hooked. Can any of you honestly say you don’t want a “wonder in the kitchen”?! Then, it got better.

2. “You’ll never go back to sponges or regular cloths when you see how it works.”

What a promise! I felt as if I should go right home and giddily throw all my sponges out the w

dishcloth hangtag

indow and that hereafter, my dishes will practically wash themselves now.

3. “It softens when wet & washes & dries like a dream.”

I am not sure, exactly that those two thoughts are related, but no matter. By now I’m completely engaged. I believe it is “marvelously absorbent,” I want a “wonder” in my kitchen, and I am carried away on angels’ wings when I hear it is also a “dream.” I am also, honestly, further reassured because when new, the cloth actually is board stiff, so it’s good to hear it softens up. Although in my rapture it barely matters. I don’t even stop to wonder about the two random ampersands. Continuing on…

4. “Kitchen surfaces are virtually streak-free.” Doesn’t that sounds very clean? Cleaner than normal? It’s not. It IS normal. However, this is a real, serious promise of uber cleanliness. Well, virtually.

For the doubters, the ones who think it’s over the top to spend so much on a glorified sponge, here is number 5, the “fact,” to assure you that you are doing good by spending more:

5. “Made of earth-friendly 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, it’s durable (just wash it in your washing machine).” You are saving the earth! If you have the temerity to hesitate now and possibly even wonder if it’s made with conventional, versus organic or recycled, cotton (and thus possibly not really earth-friendly), well, you are just a curmudgeon, looking for bad news! And sentence 6? This is the clincher.

6. “And the motif will give your kitchen a Scandinavian accent.” Listen to that! For a mere $7, you will have a kitchen that looks like it is out of an Ikea catalog!

I bought it. Hook, line, sinker and dish cloth. It’s pretty nice, too. I suddenly feel stylish, environmental and very clean. Although the dishes have not, Fantasia-like, started washing themselves.

Six sentences on a small hang-tag is not a lot. But sometimes it is all that is needed to close the sale. Even to a skeptic.