Excellent, Quick 13-Point Pinterest Crash Course

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Excellent, Quick 13-Point Pinterest Crash Course

I’ve just accepted my invite to Pinterest, on which I’ve been a voyeur for a couple of months. Now that I’m on, I discovered I didn’t actually know what to do, and then — Lo & Behold! — Mashable decided that today was the day* to educate us all. Hallelujah!

The quick run-through of how to Pin and why (and how to become a “cutting edge user” –uh huh, that’s gonna be me), and I’m psyched to start making the most of this visual (and visible) social media outlet. As a complete newbie, this is all I see right now:

0 Boards · 0 Pins · 0 Likes Sorry, we didn’t find any boards. :-/

When you think enough time has passed (a day? a week?), and you want to see what I find thrilling visit my boards.



* Ok so it was a couple of days ago, but i just Saw it today…

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