Need New Glasses? Send Google a Short Note! Oh, and $1,500

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The Google Glasses project is just now open for testing! It’s a pretty phenomenal invention, it seems to us, the most innovative technology since the iPod, I’d say. Will these Augmented Reality glasses fly? If you are one of the first 8,000 to submit a high-scoring application (according to the contest rules), let us know what you think. It is well worth watching the video of How It Feels to wear them!

We tried in vain to get our COO to submit an application. It only takes a paragraph telling how you’d use your Google Glasses (50 words max), and you must be willing to spend $1,500 if you are selected. John thought that since Google has a lot more dust than any of us, they should pay us to test them – or at least not charge.

The project (which is what they keep calling it, curiously) is being written up all around the web today: Wired, Forbes, The Washington Post,  NPR, and many others, along with the usual tech suspects like TechCrunch and Mashable, have already posted about it.

And just now, it was just announced that Google is talking with Our Favorite manufacturer of eyewear ever: Warby Parker. It seems, Google might want a style tip or two. Now that’s a really smart move!

PS. If you do get a pair – let us also know which color: Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, or Sky. 

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