Robinsons Drinks

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Robinsons Drinks

Everyone loves a good commercial that triggers emotion, emotion is what makes a good ad. On Friday, May 3rd, Robinsons Drinks released a new commercial for their concentrated orange juice to the UK market, and by Monday, May 6th, it had reached, across several YouTube channels, over half a million views. What got me personally was the details. In this one minute spot, every scene manages to foreshadow the end in a way you don’t really notice till watching it again, like a great movie.

You should watch it before I go on.

Ok, done chopping onions?

At the end I’m sure you put the connection of the dad taking off his son’s shoes and then carrying him to bed together, making it a clever ad. Now, re-watch the ad and really pay attention. Did you notice the dad threw the rock much further and that the shadows in the river show the real height of the dad? Of course there is the literal, “I am your father” Star Wars quote. The dad pushes the merry go round and is out of breath afterwards while also being the one to lift the kid up onto the monkey bars. The conversation between them about the girl was actually a father/son conversation. When they run into the kitchen to pour some OJ, there is a big glass and little glass. But my favorite detail, the one that seems so hard to miss now, is at the end. When walking up the stair case, you can see the dads reflection in the mirror. Now don’t you like this commercial even more? If I’m ever in the UK I’ll be sure to purchase some Robinsons juice.

Can you spot any more details I didn’t? Be sure to let us know!